Merging mesh surfaces

Hi, architecture student here, back with another problem I can’t work out on my own. You guys were very helpful with a question I had yesterday, I hope this one can get a solution too!

I have some buildings in plan that I have offset in grasshopper, and they create overlapping curves and/or meshes. Does anyone know how I can merge these meshes into one? I basically want to run a boolean union or merge all faces so that the meshes combine (no overlaps), and then somehow create surfaces to fill the voids created by the merged area.

I’ve tried a few things such as Mesh Join and others but none of them seem to work.

I hope this makes sense & thank you!

Urban Proposal v6b.3dm (4.9 MB) Urban proposal (4.1 KB)

The most simple seems to use Clipper, the classical for robust offsetting !!!

This tool has also component to merge, union … curves.

I don’t know how many building outlines you will be working with, but something like this might work…

You could also do it manually within Rhino. If you have the building offset curves/outlines, you can use the CurveBoolean command.
Urban proposal (24.1 KB)
Rhino V6.

That was perfect, thank you!