Selection filter grave error

Please don’t include curves and edges in the same selection check box on the selection filter
Don’t include surfaces and faces in the same selection check box on the selection filter
Don’t include points and vertices in the same selection check box on the selection filter.

I don’t know who thought of this but it makes the filter almost completely useless these must be separate not lumped together or give a separate option for curves, points, vertices and surfaces. This is a grave error in my opinion. This makes the filter useless for selecting curves if there are subd objects amongst the curves. You can leave these but also give the option for selecting only curves, only points, only vertices only surfaces.

Ok I see the subobjects again becomes checked because I used select faces from the subd menu even though the filter was not open or displayed in the workspace.

I dislike Rhino setting the selection filter without my knowledge and leaving it that way. In my mind Rhino should set the filter back to how it was before any of the subd selection filters are used. But this has bit me before and I don’t like this behavior.

Another dislike is that the gray color didn’t register to me as being checked at first I wish there was a more descriptive color or just a simple check box. And the way “disable” is greyed and faded out looks to me like one can’t even access it. I think simple check boxes are better.

I definitely agree that there is plenty of ambiguity in the way the filter selection works, but I also think it’s something that needs quite a bit of thought and creative imagination to end up with something that operates with clarity. Like you, I don’t think the control scheme for it is finished yet.

It’s design right now, however, is probably at the stage where actual user difficulties like yours will be the main source for improvement ideas, so we all need to be sharing our experiences and frustrations.

you know you can hot key all of the selection filters, right? I’m thinking you will be happier if you customize them specifically to your needs.

Hi @AlW, @theoutside,

Thanks for your understanding. I don’t use the filters much. The only time I find them getting in the way is when doing subd modeling or after subd modeling. Its that’s upper right menu in the subd tab, I’ll just have to watch it more.

My vote is to not have them persistent after a command ends which I think they are mostly? Actually I try never to use them and find crtl+Shift gives me all that I need 99% of the time. I always hate when I continue modeling and all of sudden I can’t select something this happens a lot after subd or during subd if I use the filters.

Kyle concerning making aliases my mind has too much to do to remember all that I don’t customize anymore, also I need the visual clues to see if the filter is on or not. I loved your listing of aliases. It’s a good suggestion. I think the only hot keys I use are f10 and f11. I have most of my stuff on the middle mouse popup menu which is a great tool.

Thanks for your suggestions and help,