Selecting the Revit models which are assigned to the Mass subcategories

Hello there, I am wondering if there is a way that allows me to select the massing geometries which are under specific Mass subcategories through Rhino.Inside. Thank you.

Hi RealTaiwanese,

Please note that Rhino.Inside forum category is different than Rhino.Inside.Revit. ( i edited it for you )

There are a few ways that Masses can be categorized. It looks like you have one family with a bunch of subcategories?

Using the Element Geometry component with the Category output will get you there. (zoom into the Element Geometry component and add the category output with the +)

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Hi Japhy, once I get the subcategories ID and infor of the mass subcategories , can I use these to extract the geometries under the specific subcategories and bake them into Rhino ?(eg only want to keep geometries under mass/form and mass/floor and filter the rest). Many thanks

If you right click and bake the Massing Family subcategories are baked into their appropriate layers.

If you want to cull before baking you will need to use a plugin to bake to the appropriate layers; elefront or human for example.

Something like this…

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Thanks, Japhy, You are a LEGEND!!. Could you please share your script? Thanks

No problem, glad i could help.

cull (12.5 KB)