Selecting texts perpendicular to the view

I’m having problems selecting texts perpendicular to the current view (ie. horizontal texts in front/lateral view or vertical texts in plan view). I wonder if there is an option that may be affecting this or if it may be an error in Rhino.
texts.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hello - is the goal to select just the text that is edge-on to the current view?


No, the goal is to be able to select objects with the mouse, including the texts as well.

ie. Selecting elements by floor is easier with a lateral view, but horizontal texts are not available for selection in that view type.

Yeah… I do not see a good way to do that. Even ‘horizontal to view’ text is hidden at a shallow angle - I see why but it is awkward in this situation. Basically, generally, Rhino does not let you select things that are hidden in the view.