Ctrl-Shift Select misses Text object if viewed edge on

If I Ctrl-Shift and window select some faces and Text as well, the text gets selected if it can be seen in the view, but if the text happens to be viewed on edge in the particular view, it doesn’t get selected.

Its actually a bit annoying the way text disappears when you get close to viewing it edge-on, when rotating the perspective view.

Also, osnaps dont snap to the text when viewed edge on as well. Its like the text actually disappears.

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what the heck! This is actually really annoying. Somehow I haven’t had to deal with this directly yet. I just played with it and sure enough, rotate a view to just the ‘correct’ angle and even though the text is selected, i can’t zoomselected. And selecting that text and going to an oblique view cant zoom to selected either.
I don’t know if this is a graphics card issue or what. But it seems slightly related to something I’ve been complaining about before: The lag time of text display when changing views.

Something else I’ve noticed is that the text doesn’t always reappear on time.

I’m not sure what the actual circumstances are, but sometimes I’m looking at the perspective viewport at a spot I know text should be, because it is now rotated into view (I think after a zoom extents rather than a view rotation) and then after a few seconds, the text finally gets redrawn.

@lowell, any ideas about this?

Yes, That’s the way it was designed long ago when Text was first added into

I think it’s one of those things that doesn’t get mentioned by the the
people who like it that way and does come up once in a while from the ones
who don’t like it.
I haven’t gone around asking for quite a while, so I could be completely

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