Selecting text in a projecting view

When I create a text object in, say, a top view, and look at it from the front, it’s invisible. Worse, it’s not even selectable (except with SelText).
I suppose this is by design. But shouldn’t some line be visible there? Is there a way to show ‘projecting’ text?
Best regards

Dear @Eugen
does have an option “horizontal to view” (below the input field)
Maybe this option is what you re searching ?

and if you want Text to behave as geometry - there is
which will add Curves, Surfaces, Solids … with some grouping options. But of course it is geometry as soon as added to the document and can t be edited as Text

and there is
which will stay with a fixed pixel size regardless of zoom / view…
(and there is _selDot which will allow you to quickly select all Dots and then adapt Pixel-Size for a specific print / screenshot …)

if none of this helps, you might want to describe a usage-scenario.
kind regards -tom

Thank you, Tom, the ‘Draw Frame around Text’ option is exactly what I needed!