Selecting template file with notes

I used to get a little “note” box when I would go the the “open template” window. It seems to have gone away. I don’t use it much but was wondering where it went? Is there a setting to get it back?template notes

Hello - here it looks like Notes are missing from the Feet Inches template - the others seem correct - do any of your templates show notes?


The image I attached is what it is supposed to look like. In my version the yellow box is replaced by a gray box that shows a thumbnail of the template. I couldn’t find a setting in options that would enable the notes function.

Hello - does any of the other templates, the ones that ship with Rhino, show no notes at all? If not, can you please attach one of these files and post it? My guess is, there are no notes and we need to find out why.
That said, your initial image is from the Rhino start up splash screen and the second one from Windows Explorer. There is no yellow box in Explorer, though Notes should be visible, like so:


None of the default templates show any notes. I have attached an image o a “Large Objects” template that does not have any Noted attached to it. BTW, I have the same issue in R6 as I have with the R7 in regards to the Notes not showing up when trying to open a new template


Hello - try ToolbarReset and then close and re-open Rhino - does that sort it out?


I tried ToolBarReset and a restart - no change (see below)

Run the About command and go to the New tab.
I think you are expecting the Windows File dialog (File > New) to display notes.
It does not:

Yes, that works. So I have to run the About command to load a new template each time rather than just going to File/New?

Yes, or start a new instance of Rhino.