Template description goes into notes

Just noticed that the description of the template file that was opened - what you see on the splash screen, like this -

Use this template file for building objects the size of a truck or larger, and for objects which need not be built to manufacturing tolerances.

Units: Centimeters
Absolute tolerance: .01 cm

gets written to the Notes section of the file… This is not correct or desirable IMO…


Getting this as well for Small Millimetres

Yeah, I think this happens for all templates. It occurs to me that the notes may actually be stored in the default template files, I didn’t check, if that’s the case you just need to delete them and re-save the template…


In the next WIP release, the notes that are saved in template files will be removed when a template file is opened.

they’ll still show up when hovering over a template on the splash screen?
that’s a pretty good feature I think.

Thanks Marlin. --Mitch

Yeah, they’re actually also in the Windows templates now that I check (didn’t realize that), so I guess the same mechanism is used in Windows. --Mitch