Selecting sub-objects with Tab key

Hi @Japhy ,

We have two generic model families created in revit and created with rhino.inside.

While I can select sub-objects with the “tab” key in the panel created in Revit, I cannot use this feature in the family created with rhino.inside. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Can you post the family? I’m not seeing the behavior in a quick test. Thanks

Of course the file is attached below

Project1.7z (7.5 MB)

The Window Family is composed of Nested Families that make them selectable, vs the Element Forms creating in your RiR family.

So as far as I understand, I need to follow a workflow based on nested family. Right?

Correct, making them sharable nested families will also allow them to be tagged and schedule if need be.

Thank you for your help.
I think a long research-learning process is waiting for me about nested family. :upside_down_face: