Selecting specific pairs of element from a list

hi all,

I have this list of 48 surfaces and I intent to select 20 of them in 10 pairs, I have to input the indexes manually. I made this definition but the problem is that I can’t get the Branch component to out put the result in a similar pairs.
I think the picture is clearer to show what the problem is.

Thanks in advance…

Hard to tell without the GH file but it looks like you want to connect the Entwine output to List Item ‘i’ (Index) input and the list of surfaces to the List Item ‘L’ (List) input?

I don’t know what to say, it worked with List item instead hahaha, I tried different methods before I try this one and my data structure / branches was different.
Thanks a lot man, next time I’ll just clear my head before giving up hahaha.

Good thing your image showed component names instead of icons or I might have missed it.

Your list of surfaces has no branches so using Branch that way made no sense.