Point selection

Hello, I am trying to select a random point in each branch of points from surface divide components. I have grafted list of points and index numbers, but when I use list item it doesn’t give point in each list. can anyone guide me what’s wrong there? Attaching file and screenshot with this message .

points.gh (16.0 KB)

Hi @Gaurav_Goel,

if I understand you correctly, your logic is correct, it is just that the branches of points are the horizontal lines, not the vertical ones (that is why you have three columns of points where no point is selected). To make it work with the vertical grids, just use the Flip Matrix component.

Random points.gh (15.6 KB)

Is this what you need?

Yes thank you, though I tried flip matrix as well, it was giving me two points in same branch of points and none in other branches. but thank you let me try this way