Query Symbolic Lines from family


Is there a way to import symbolic lines and other detail items that reside in revit families? I am trying to bake specific elements from a Revit floor plan to a rhino file.

I tried this method but could not get it to work:

For example, how can I import the swing projection curves only and not the brep? I know there are ways to filter out breps and surfaces but wondered if there is a component that separates family geometry from 2d annotations?

Thank you in advance!

Ideally in a plan view the symbolic lines should be the only thing returned.

The door family setup needs to be accounted for (solids have been turned on for 2D - Plan/RCP)

You can filter with Elefront or by culling the geometry types by text

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Thank you @Japhy! The visibility setting was the key. The geometry had to be turned off for all four check boxes: