Element Type Picker - Other way to select an specific family type

Hi Guys,

Is there a component that I can add an specific family name without going to the element type picker and browse a long list of available revit family types?


Yes just insert a Type component and Right clock and filter through the Families like the below:

Thanks Tay.0 the minor issue is hard to see the extend on the family name as I cannot grab the frame, any idea?


Hey @sketzjewel ,

I usually use the method mentioned above by Tay, but if you have an issue with long names or something else, you can have a look at the below component.


That is really quite handy! cheers Mohamed.

Hi @tay.othman not sure if I should be opening a new Forum topic but I will use you answer to ask a question since is correlated to the Topic. I noticed that my “Type” container or any other Container that have “type” option is not working while I have a model/template opened on my Revit 2022. So basically i cannot right click to select Type. It does work on Revit 2020 and also on Revit 2022 when I don’t have anything opened does anyone know what is going one? Thx in advance.

Hmmm can you check which version of RiR you have installed. I think I saw a loading problem with Revit 2022 in the daily build 1.6 likely a Revit issue but I was able to load the plugin. I’ll check it shortly and will let you know.

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I used RhinoInside.Revit_1.14.8557.24642 and now I am at 1.12.8449.6358
Thank you very much for that

Hi Felipe,

Can you provide some additional info? Screenshot or files ideally.

Everything seems OK here in 2022.1

@Japhy It is hard to provide screen shots since the problem is when Right click and doenst show anything, I recorded a short video but icannot upload here. I have The screen shot of not been able when any project or template opened:

As you can see L (level give me an output but Type doesnt:
Now when I do the same thing when Revit is opened without nay Project/Template
I can

It also works on my Revit 2020.
Let me know how can I share the video I think might clarify

That helps, thanks.

If you are going that route, are you right clicking on the T input? I’m not seeing the issue.

I’m on a slightly newer build. I’ll check 1.14.8557.24642

Can you provide your about info? Rhino.Inside®.Revit

If you place a new component (from the same kind), does the right click work on it(new) and only on this component itself(old) it does not work ?

Hi @Japhy so that Screenshot is when I don’t have any Template/Project opened so the container works fine, the probleem is when I open a new project or a new template then the “TYPE” container or any container that contains Type doesn’t work. I am currently on version :
I downgraded form 1.14 since i was thinking the issue was due the update but it wasn’t
I mad a short video showing the issue just not sure how can I share here? Onedrive maybe?

Hi Mohamed it doesn’t work for any new or old component in the canvas.

is this specific to your script, what happens if you start a new Grasshopper definition here?
I’m running Revit with RiR version 1.16 and everything works fine here.

Nope it is not, even when a nw canvas is opened. I know my co-workers don’t have this issue and I dont have the issue when opening on RVT2020 or even on 2022 when no projects are opened so if I just open Revit and run RiR it works. as soon I open a template or a project doesn’t work anymore

Are these default Revit Templates you are opening?

Can you remove any superfluous Revit Add-ons? If there is a conflict it typically appears on load, but perhaps this is something new.

Hi @Felipe_Melo,

We have added an error message box like this one to v1.16.
You can download it from the Rhino Inside Revit options dialog.
Please update and test with the new version.

A message box like this will show up in your case.

Please share it here to have more information about what is happening in your case.

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No they are not but people that work with me can do pretty normally, we also noted that I cannot select more than 1 face using the face container and others can. I don’t have any conflict. do you have a list of Revit plugging that may cause it? I will compare with my Revit 2020 what I have installed but it is pretty strange . Do you recommend install RIR latest version?

Hi @kike Awesome I will do that as soon as I can and let you guys know. thank you for that.