Selecting plant species

A suggestion for improving plant selection: it should be possible to SHIFT- or CTRL-select multiple species in this list

You know, Rhino/Windows standard: SHIFT adds all items inbetween, CTRL add selects single items.
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Yes, I see. Thanks for the suggestion!
The point is that, right now, the selection tree doesn’t support multiple selection. If the image is not a photoshop, there is a problem in the control because you shouldn’t be able to select two items. Anyway there is always one and only one active item (that can represent several Lands objects, for example the “Species (16)” item).

We can consider multiple item selection support. In that case we’ll implement Shift/Ctrl shortcuts.

Ok, I see.
Image is not PShopped. There’s something really laggy about that selection list. One, sometimes two items are blue, and two, you can sometimes watch the trees turning yellow one after the other in the scene like 2 per second. Sometimes it’s faster.

If you plan to allow multiple selections, which would make a lot of sense, please consider to NOT clear the previous selection, so it conforms to the standard in Rhino.
I suggested this for VisualArq too btw. and it got implemented.