Reevaluate multiple species at once

When importing or copy/pasting plants it can obviously happen that they loose their 3d representation. Albert gave me the tip with the ‘reevaluate’ button recently to fix that.
Wish: could this please work when multiple species are selected? Button’s greyed out in that case.

Just had to click through the species list (30) one by one…
Best regards

Hi, well, I understand how obvious is that wish from the user point of view, but it is quite hard to implement because this button knows nothing about the species it modifies. It only applies to the current file path, which is empty when several species using different realistic files are selected.

The button is intended to let you update the plant geometry contained in the 3dm file after modifying the plant definition file from the plant editor. It got useful to solve your problem copy/pasting but it wasn’t added for that purpose. In fact we need to investigate why the whole geometry is not being copied from/to the clipboard. It was just a workaround :slight_smile:

Alternatively, we could add this functionality to the update button in the context menu area. There a Rhino command is called, that can easily do the job for all species. We’ll need a progress bar since reevaluating 30 species can take a while…


(don’t try it yet, currently it just redraw plants, it doesn’t reload/reevaluate any existing geometry)

Understodd. Thanks, Albert!
As you say, of course it would be best to make sure the plants don’t use their definitions by importing or copy/pasting. Then that refresh function wouldn’t be necessary.
If that proves difficult, by all means add that function, wherever it makes sense.

Btw., also the 2D representation of the plants didn’t show up after importing.