Selecting By Material using Human

Hello, I am trying to select all Surfaces inside my rhino document by their Material.
I find it very promissing that HUMAN can read the Material Table / Object Attributes-
So I have the Material Names already- is there a way to select the corresponding geometry using this information?

Sure, it’s pretty easy. You don’t directly need the material table. You just need to get the Attributes of your geometry and the material will be one of those. Then you simply filter your input geometry by one of the materials. You can of course also get the materials using the Material table and apply them to the Grasshopper preview of your geometry. (18.7 KB)
select_by_material.3dm (176.5 KB)

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Wow, thanks for the effort of the video :slight_smile:

I will test it later today Thanks !

No worries. Recording the video is faster than typing out some instructions :wink:

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