Find area of surfaces (faces) with certain material


Is there a way?
When i use select objects with certain material i get whole polysurface selected instead of just faces with that material. I want to select only faces with given material in the whole model.


Hi @Juan_Gallo
What Rhino version are you on? This is working in Rhino 7.3, if you use Right Click on material>Select object(s).
HTH, Jakob

Rhino 7, 7.3.21012.

it doesnt do sub selections. it selects objects containing the material not having that material assigned directly

Hi @Juan_Gallo
It works here - strange! Is there blocks involved, maybe?

it had been imported from sketchup there might be something screwed about that. i am going to try to copy just that polysurf to another model if it works there

try plstest.3dm (181.6 KB)

Hi @Juan_Gallo

Yearh - something really strange going on there! Let’s hope one of the McNeel’ies picks this up - there’s deffinitely something wrong!

stuff like this matters. lets say you tell client he has to buy 2500m2 of wood planks instead of 1000m2 when you rely on area calculations from rhino by material …

@pascal Just to make sure you see this thread.

Hello - the overall object has a material assigned, so it is selected from that material (‘select objects’ in the material panel) . Some faces have a different material assigned per face and these faces are selected from that material. You need a third ‘neutral’ material assigned to the overall object, and then assign per-face materials to all the faces as needed. These will then be selected per face, if I understand the question/problem.


i get the logic now but its confusing. i think there should be direct way to obtain just objects with the material. material assigned to surface which is actually overriden by perface material is potential beginning of huge problems


How is user supposed to know that overall object has some material and other materials are assigned per face. Because the perception is what you see and thats what you work with, when you select objects with specific material you expect it to select ONLY objects or subobjects with that material regardless any hidden logic. In other words you dont care that some object have defined overall material and others are assigned perface, you judge from what you see and thats what you should be actually selected.

I agree that current behaviour may be useful sometimes but then there should be two selection modes:
1 select all objects which have something to do with this material (covering cases when material is assigned to polysurface but is overidden at each face
2 select granular objects, sub objects (faces), with material ommiting cases when there is some not visible material assigned to overall object.

When i click on the overall polysurface i only get info that material is “varies”.

Hello - I do not know what is possible in the future, but I was trying to get you to a point where you could get the result you want - that is, if you care about which faces have what material, then for now, if only ever assign materials per face for these, you can make it work.


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i know how i will proceed in the future with this in mind but my effort was to point out possible confusion and eventual improvement for sakes of rhino clear functioning :slight_smile: