Select subset of current selection

Hello all,

I wanted to see if anyone knows how to select a subset of a current selection in rhino. This feature exists in adobe software as “intersect with selection.” I generally want to use it when selecting the objects on a layer within a given region. My current approach is to sel all on the layer, deselect the objects I want selected, lock what remains, then select the layer again. This is a bit cumbersome and I’m looking for a more direct approach.


If you want to limit selection to objects residing on certain layers, you can try this small scriptlet… Select first the layers, then use normal selection methods, only the layers you chose will allow objects to be selected.

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A couple of thoughts come to mind, which you may already be familiar with. Your question seems to imply the desired objects are on one layer, which you can preselect by turning all other layers off.

The box select method will select only those objects which are entirely contained within the box if you start with the upper left corner of the box and drag to the lower right. If you start at the lower right and drag to the upper left, all objects which have any portion at all in the box are selected.

Another approach which is helpful in some situations is to select the objects you DON’T want, then invert selection.

Hopefully others will have additional suggestions.

…or lock them, etc. My suggestion of the script above is simply to avoid having to disturb an important set of on/off/locked layer states (there might be many, many layers) just to be able to limit the selection to a layer or two.

and then,

  • invert (selection)

That will select all wanted objects on the desired layer plus all other selectable objects in the file though…

Oh, that´s correct.

Exactly what I was looking for – thanks Mitch!