Select from selection

Hi all,
please can someone help me, how to select from selection?

I worked before with Autocad and there it made command “quick select”.
E.g. I have four object in a drawing. I select only one and than I want to select only one layer in this selection.

If I use command select layer, then are selected all elements of that layer in all object. But I want select the elements of one layer only in selected object…

Please can you help me with that?
Thank you a lot!

Sounds like your “objects” are either blocks or groups… I’m not sure there is a way in Rhino to select only the objects on one layer inside a group or block without a script.

With a script, it should be possible to do what you want if your objects are groups; with blocks, not, as a block is considered as a single object.


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do a command-line-script / macro and combine:

select objects then copy paste this in the commandline

_invert _Lock _SelLayer _Unlock

if the behaviour fits place the line above on a button.
instead of _lock / _unlock you can use _hide _show

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Hi Helvetosaur, thanks for your general info.

Hi Tom_, that was exactly what I wanted to know. Now I will working 10x faster :slight_smile: