Select multiple items from list item without repetition?

I want to select separately two opposite lines of a rectangular surface using list item.

However, the two outputs give me the same set of two lines. How can I have different individual edges coming out of the outputs of list item?

list (9.0 KB)

You provided item index 1 and 3 using panel, so the ‘i’ output result is 1 and 3 but the ‘+1’ result is 0 and 2 not the same set of curves.

Check the differences and you’ll know what I mean.

list (14.6 KB)


Thanks. Now I understood.

Just posting a screenshot with doodles for my own understanding if I stumble upon this further.

Since you set the Wrap Index to “False”, so there can’t be 4th or 5th items like this.

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Yes. Of course. Thanks once again! :+1: :+1: :grinning: