Why cant i select the individual lines in this list?

im deconstructing the panels (triangles) made an offsed of the edges, scaled it and now i would like to select each individual line so i used a list item with index set 0, 1, 2.
the problem is, when i click on these list items they are still selecting all the lines not the ones i want. what am i doing wrong ?


by reading the panel i guess i should acces the last number on each line. how could i do it ?

Use this
2022-01-07 18_31_37-Window

thank you it worked !!! i ant really understand how does it (the component) work ? is it like shift paths ?

I don’t know an actual official and correct definition… i see it as an “opposite of graft” …

Your offset component returns a LIST for each element (because of how offset might happen… a single peanut shaped curve might return 2 curves after the offset… even if the result is a single curve, it is put in a separate list).
If you know you are working with simple lines, you can avoid that by using Offset Loose (which just move the control points of the curve, but with linear curves is correct anyway) which simply outputs a single object for every input object…