Select lines that intersect other roads at 2 points

Hi guys. I’m trying to solve this problem but can’t think of a suitable solution. I need to select lines that intersect other lines at 2 points like the red lines in the image. the amount of work is quite large so I thought if I could ask someone to help me write a python script for it. Thanks

grasshopper will do the work. Is this helping?
I don’t konw if it’s the best solution. (7.5 KB)
test.3dm (39.8 KB)

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Thank you for this option. but I’m not a grasshopper expert. I want to do it in python to add some of my needs

I am new to Ghpython. this is the best I can do. hope it helps. (8.6 KB)

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thank you very much. I got the direction I needed from your example