Pick different points from different list

Hi guys,

I have n sets of list and I need join the 1st point of the first list to the 2nd point of the second list, then the 1st of second to 2nd of 3rd and so. Am new to Grasshopper and still trying to get my head around processing this ?


forum question.gh (9.9 KB)

Any thoughts apprecieated.



maybe like this:

forum_question_02_help_tp.gh (14.7 KB)

there is some components like
“relative item” that are able to do patterns within data…

my approach is a bit more inspired by text based programming / scripting. I generate the path and the index / item an query them from the datatree.
Note that each polyline needs a single List of points - grafting / flattening / pathmapper is handling this aspect.

is a great resource

check what others answer - there might be a much smarter “grasshopper-like” solution.

kind regards -tom

Thanks Tom, That gives me something to work with, Cheers