Intersect multiple lines

At the moment i am trying to intersect multiple lines with eachother, but it doesnt work. In my file there you can see there are horizontal and vertical lines which i want to intersect. But now it just intersect a couple of points but not all of them. How can i fix this? (42.0 KB)

You 'd be better off grafting one of line input. Otherwise there would be some data mismatching happen. (15.6 KB)

Hi Kim, Thank you very much! It works now, but now i got an other issue, I have grafted it and i want to let those points make lines over the y and x axis, so they connect like an square with end and start points. I am trying now with list select and kind of solutions, but now i only get a drawn line in the Y axis and not the X (48.9 KB)

I don’t understand what are you going to to… There are probably simple and easy ways from the beginning.
IntersectTest (15.5 KB)

I have figured it out what i needed in my other file. I wanted to make an intersection, and then make an poly line between the points, explode them, so they keep the same distance between the points and then i can connect those to Karamba (making beams of lines). Thanks for all the info Kim! Really appreciated!