Select Line parts based on Domain


Fairly simpel question but I cant find it:

There are 4 lines and 4 corresponding domains.
I would Like to select only the part of the lines which lay in the domain.

Unfortunately the ‘Curve Domain’ component does not what I am looking for.

2023-12-19 Select Line Part based on (8.4 KB)

Any suggestion?


Use Lengh Domain?


Thanks for your quick reply.

I see I have to be a bit more specific :see_no_evil:.

The thing is that I would like to retrieve ‘Line-parts’ of the original lines which lay inside the domain.
Consequently these lines have the line length ass specified above.

Sorry for being not more specific earlier.

Any suggestions?

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you can use the Sub-Curve component which I believe is a standard one?

2023-12-19 Select Line Part based on (11.0 KB)


Perfect, thanks!