Find curves by Point

Hi Guy,
I have one curve then I divide to 03 part (curves) by Point On Curve component.
And I have one Point run on this curve.
How I can select curve by Point run when this point inside 03 Curves above
Thanks so much
Please check my file

Find curve by (10.1 KB)

Here is one option:Find curve by (14.0 KB)

Here is another using just domains. There are lots of options.
Find curve by (6.4 KB)

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In the V3 provided by @Adam_M , you should be sure to generate a domain from 0 to 1:

Reparameterizing the line is unnecessary, since its domain always will be from 0 to 1. alternatively you could do it like this:

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Dear @Baris & @Adam_M
Thank you for quick reply
But I want to show 03 curves after divided. Then select one of them.

Sorry, I don’t understand you

In my code I have 03 curve are separate

I want get 03 curves separate then find one of them

And @Adam_M solution V2 is not doing that?

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Thank you
I will check this solution