Select Grasshopper Objects

Hi all,

I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find this…

I am trying to decide which Rhino curves are not used by GH and can therefore be deleted. Can I use a command like SelGrasshopper or something, to select any objects that have been “set” to a GH component?



You’ll have to do that the other way around. In GH bake your input curves, then in Rhino SelDup.

hm… Does SelDup automatically choose the newest (i.e. recently baked) curves? Otherwise I could lose some parent/child history

I was also wondering about that.
You could save before; note the duplicates and exit without saving.
I don’t remember now - and not in front of a PC - but I thought it was possible to zoom to select in GH.


@declan, I thought of this again now and, yes, it is possible to zoom Rhino to selected in GH:

Zoom on Preview:

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Thanks, Wim! This is interesting, and certainly helpful. What I would really like to see is a Selection tool, rather than a Zoom tool. That way I could quickly Select all GH objects, run the command, and then InvHide inside Rhino. Or ZoomSelected to emulate this existing command.

Thanks again!