Grasshopper auto-selector from Rhino document

I thought I’d share something I’ve found tremendously useful lately. I found I was constantly trying to update references in Grasshopper and finding the repetition a tremendously frustrating waste of time.

This uses the “Objects By Selection” component in the Human UI toolset.

This group will automatically grab/reference whatever is currently selected in the Rhino document and execute whatever components you plug it into. The trigger component updates the selection every second.

I’ve been working on curves more than I care to admit lately and have tied this selector into a bunch of other components that reveal all sorts of information (endpoints/midpoints/overlapping curves/curvature graphs/self-intersections/etc) for hundreds of curves all at once which I’d never be able to deal with manually. Obviously, you can plug it into whatever you need. (4.0 KB)

“Objects by selection” also has a “live” mode you can enable if you right click it, which will automatically update the component when the selection changes, in case that’s helpful.

Ahhh…so many options! thanks, Andrew!