Select grasshopper objects inside the rhino viewport

there is a way to select grasshopper objects inside the rhino viewport? I’ve found the plugins “selectable preview” and “mouserat” (!) but they are old and I can’t install them.
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Depending on what you want to do, the Grab component from Kangaroo might do the job.

thank you for your message but unfortunately is nothing to do with my need. I would like to pick in the rhino viewport for example one Grasshopper Brep and have the same Brep selected in Grasshopper (of course without baking). The plugin “Selectable preview” from Food4Rhino do the job but it’s old and I can’t install it in rhino 7

Lopez, did you find a solution for select preview functionality in Rhino 7?
I ran into the same problem.

anyone have news about a temporary selectable geometry inside rhino?
Thank you

i’m still waiting…

Have you tried the new Grasshopper Rhino components in Rhino 8 BETA?

Hi Martin,
Yes, but I can’t find the solution to selecting Grasshopper objects directly inside the Rhino viewport…
Any suggestion?
Roy (26.8 KB)

This isn’t the perfect example but you’ll see that the bake component bakes after every input change in Grasshopper.

There’s no component to let you select Grasshopper objects but the option to bake whenever something has changed comes close to that.

Hi Martin,
Nice, but my problem is different.
I have many objects in Grasshopper visible in the Rhino viewport (without baking them). If I must change some parameters of those objects, it’s hard to find the object inside the Grasshopper viewport, which is full of algorithms. So, I don’t understand why it is impossible to select that object directly from the Rhino viewport and to have highlighted the relative algorithm in Grasshopper. As some plugins did it, it’s possible to do it by the programmers, of course. I’m surprised that people don’t ask about this fundamental feature.

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Ok, I understand now. I don’t know how to do that