Fillet brep-choose edges

Hi everybody! :wave:
I created brep and want to fillet edges, in result after solid difference I want to create brep2.
But I have some problems - cant choose edges because they are all out of order
How can I get corner curves after deconstruct?

error (150.0 KB)


Have a look at this monstrosity.

error (154.8 KB)

It would have been better to create the brep (roadway?) differently, by using your sketch as a section curve with Sweep 2. Or orienting your sketch on the rails and lofting them.

Trying to fix it at this point is far from the best way.


There is a less painful way.
This should be a default function of GH.

A video instead of GH code? NO!

This is ridiculous reverse engineering. (168.2 KB)

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error 18-06-23 Edited (151.3 KB)
if you say so…



You will attach that plugin snapshot in your reply, I knew that! :sunglasses:


Use Lasso selection in pOd Pick.