Snapping to live GH objects

Hi, I am pretty new to Rhino/GH environment. How do you snap to objects generated by Grasshopper that are not baked in? Is that possible?



No it is not

OK thanks.

While ‘snapping’ as such is not possible, what is possible is to reference an object by “closest point”, “closest object” and so on. You can designate a point (in rhino), reference grasshopper objects to that, by position, size, etc, and then when you move the point, the grasshopper object will follow.
Now, with code, you could read the cursor position, find the closest grasshopper object to the current cursor position, then auto bake that object at the current cursor position.

SelectablePreview (SelPV)

Might do what you want. I find it really useful.

For rhino 6 you also have Mouse-Rat…

Thank you all for your suggestions!