Select any objects matching

What command will select all objects matching object selected ?

example, I have just placed many spheres, all same size, on same layer, along with other items on that layer, in my build and wish to select them (sphere) all by indicating to Rhino what I want to select by selecting one of them.


Hi Steve,

There is no command in Rhino that does that “select similar”.
Some ways to to this, is by doing the book keeping yourself.
-use layers for similar objects
-give similar objects the same name (name the object before copying
the command SelName will let you select objects by name.
-give similar objects the same unique color; the command SelColor will let you select all object with equal colors.

As for your situation, where you need to filter similar objects from the layer;
there are a quite few commands that could help filtering them out.
If the spheres are on a layer with other objects you need to find out what type of Sel… command can either selectively select the other objects or the spheres.
There are many Selection commands to select objects with specific properties
See the full list in the helpfile (online version screenshot here:)

Let us know if you need help finding a way to isolate the spheres (eg selclosedsrf …)


Again it was something I used in Freehand, select an object, copy it to clipboard, paste into find palette and all would get selected.
There was also find and replace where replacement to a pasted item occured.

Have sphere a unique property , it might be a cone, or a rivet head,

to hope that a command decribes the item and doesnt find similar unwanted things.

To my mind we need that command SelectSame it could be called.

I normally make layers for everything, each with a unique colour, I end up running out of visually different colours, so just for a change I decide to work on one layr and then regretted it.

I am sure SelectSame could be coded, rather than have to decide if its a closedmesh or polysurf or a closed srf…admission I dont immediately know if a sphere is one or another, I just want a simple life !..and a simple command.

whatever it is surely other primitive shapes are then also going to get selected.


The simple way to do this currently is to name your objects (in Properties) - if you name your sphere “Rivet head 1” and then copy it all around, each will retain the same name and SelName can find them all for you.


Hi Pascal,
Involves thinking ahead to what I might ned to do, but until SelectSame is added to commands, I guess its that.

Can you add SelectSame to wishlist ?


Hi Steve- it is a wish… but in the foreseeable future, I do not expect anything like that is going to be added- conceivably, we could auto name each object as it is created and keep that name for copies, thus adding an identifying bit of data that I am currently suggesting you do by hand. What would you expect if you modified one of the spheres- say you scaled it- would your proposed command find the scaled version as well?


True, you have a point.

I like the idea of autnaming, I just wouldnt get into the habit of naming things…being human…but an autoname or number, maybe thats best