Is there a way to select objects with all same geometry

I have screens in large model made up from 3-4 parts but all on same layer. I want to get all same parts on a new layer… so I want to select all parts that have same geometry unless anyone can think of another way?

You can select objects by type:

SmartTags is free Rhino plugin which assigns many tags to objects so that they can be selected with Boolean operations. You can download SmartTags plugin from here:

so what is the object type? i am still confused. I hoped for a command to select all similar objects so I can group into one layer

It seems like using Blocks might simplify this, if they are truly identical objects.


but the scene is already created with 260 computer monitors which I now need to render in keyshot. but all their parts are on same layer so I need to be able to select and put on different layer

In your image, those look like mesh objects. On the off chance that they are all exactly the same size and that there are no other mesh objects of the exact same size in the file, maybe a script for selecting the objects by volume or area might pick up all the same parts. FWIW - (2.5 KB) (2.6 KB)

This might also help - select a closed surface, polysurface or mesh object and a selection tolerance, and it will find all the other closed volume objects in the file with the same volume within the tolerance. (2.6 KB)

And one for area as well (also works on open surfaces/meshes) (2.4 KB)


Seems like you can also select similar objects that share the same object colour. Try if the “Select by object colour” tool works for you.

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that works! select by colour… thanks!

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