Select and change similar objects in Rhino


Can you can select similar objects and change the size of them?

(the knots in this frame are too big and I want to change the diameter)

Thank you :slight_smile:


*-can :wink:

Have a look into SelSmall & BoxEdit

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thanx the selsmall worked!

in box edit, when i select ‘change objects individually’ on the bottom and change the size it seems to move along an axe instead of stay in the center?

In the boxedit window in the bottom there’s an option to scale according to the center of the different axes.


it worked :ok_hand:
thanks for the help!

that is pretty handy, would be great if one could define also the minimum size of objects.

You can do that by running “Invert” after SelSmall.

that would not do. in case you have objects which are smaller than the ones you need but also bigger. so setting a range in which to find the objects would be the only way.

Well, what you can do is SelSmall with the max value, then Invert and Lock (or hide) the rest. Then SelSmall again with the minimum value and lock (or hide) those - what is left is what you want.

I have scripts for doing this: (3.0 KB) (2.6 KB) (2.6 KB) (2.5 KB) (2.7 KB) (2.5 KB)