Is there a way to select or highlight objects > certain size? trying to work out why model so large

i have imported a DWG and I am removing all stuff I don’t need but file still large.
is there a why so see how big objects/layers are?

Do you mean physical size or amount of memory used?

If physical size does SelSmall help, perhaps used in conjunction with Invert? For objects over a certain size first use SelSmall to select the objects under that size, then Invert to invert the selection so objects over the certain size are selected. Be aware that SelSmall and Invert only work with objects which are visible in the active viewport (or for very small objects would be visible if the screen resolution was sufficient).

Hi David
I mean the memory used. so any object over 2mb for example…
thanks for your help

Hi Rich,
See if Pascal’s script does the trick for you: