Seeking developer: Grasshopper file with shapedriver API web integration

Hi there,

I’m looking for somebody to complete the below task my friend began during a furlough period earlier this year and no longer has the time to complete. We are steel frame window/door retailer looking integrate a Grasshopper file into our website. Please find the full brief below. If you are interested and would like to view the files mentioned below & discuss a fee, please get in contact

To integrate a Grasshopper file into a website with shapedrivers API. The file/website must produce an array of varying styles, layouts and materials of window frames and doors (see excel spread sheet provided) changing in dimension and style parametrically, take payment and export and send varying documents to various email addresses.

The website must show an array of options which can change the windows/doors in the ways previously mentioned due to the many number of options, the process of decision making must be staged (for example: step one - select style, step 2 – specify dimension etc etc).

The website must show a render of 3d model in real time and respond quickly. The website must show a quote for the windows and doors that also updates in real time, some options may not show in the render (glass type for example). The user interface must match the websites graphical design, to be supplied.

Once the user has decided upon the settings of the model, the website must be able to take a payment from the user. Upon payment the website must then automatically produce an array (to be specified) of Purchase orders and invoices based on the options selected, and an array of dimension drawings which can be manufactured to (these drawings do not need to be very complicated. Heights, widths, and depths of each pane of glass/division. The frames are standard so this would be more like a cutting list).

A grasshopper definition has been started but due to time restraints and no javascript experience has been put on hold.

While this path has been taken, it may not necessarily be the right one, the basis of the project is open to discussion.

If you have any questions, please get in contact

Hello Oliver!
It seems like an interesting task.
I’m an architect, experienced in grasshopper with some good knowledge in web design (both front-end and back-end).
If you’re willing to tell me more about the project (stages, deadlines, priorities) I may be able to help.
I’ll send you a DM.

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