Seeking clipper equivalent on 2-way curved surfaces

picking up on this

Has anyone achieve this yet?

I’ve mapped voronoi cells onto a surface like below

How can I offset them on the surface without the corner clipping and intersection problems?

Long story is that I’d like to punch holes on the surface with the offset voronoi cells. The “struts” should be of a certain width. I’ve previously done all this with planar operations and remapped the results but because of the free form surface, I could no longer maintain the dimensional accuracy on the surface.

I’ve also tried multipipe on this but this circular cross section is rather limiting. Self intersection can happen too.

Check the linked post for an approach on how to eliminate short segments…

This topic could also be interesting for you:

Voronoi Cells Minimum Edge Length - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

Thanks. Those could solve the multipipe self intersection and some of the offset clipping problem
But I’d still like to know if there is a way to have the cell offset inwards almost to a zero area extreme (where they just disappear like what Clipper does)
In that case no edge is long enough…

This can be approximated by using local planes.

I evaluated the surface at the closest point of each cell centroid.

The offset curves need to be pulled to the surface. (35.9 KB)