Trim voronoi cell

Hi everyone,

I want to trim voronoi cell by the green curve.
Ive tried to transform cell in curve and use
Curve/curve + shatter, but it split all cell in little parts…

The definition with internalized data (19.9 KB)

Thanks for any help !

Use Region Intersection

Thanks Ethan,

It works well !

New problem, I offset cells and I want to trim all intersections to get path between cells.

File with internalized (8.3 KB)


Try this:

Use negative value for offset distance “D” input.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your answers…
I still have a problem, I’ve offset cell negative and make a ruled surface with the original cell, but resulting surface is not perfect. (7.7 KB)

Many many thanks

It requires clipper plugin. (8.4 KB)

Thanks HS_Kim

I’ll check that…

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