Unblock a plugin

I’m trying to unblock a plugin (calc.rhp). I see that Pascal points to the general tab of the plug-ins properties dialogue. Unfortunately mine is not showing blocked (see attached). It does however show
the following message if I try to use calc.rhp: “Blocking plug-in Calc.”

Is it now controlled from within Rhino in version 6?

From the Wiki support pages:

Any luck?

Thank you John, I went there first. If you look at my attached screenshot it doesnt show an “unblock” button. I checked each of the other commands in the property window just to see if maybe it moved. I also checked my webroot and malwarebytes. Nothing was blocked or quarantined.

Hello - is the plug-in blocked though or just not loading in Rhino? Check Options > Plug-ins page for the Calc plug-in.


It shows as blocked (see screenshot attached).

It was “unchecked” in the plug-ins window.

I checked it and it is now loading. Thank you Pascal!

I can’t help but wonder why it wouldn’t load yesterday?


Right, I should have asked, is it being blocked by Windows or by Rhino? If you crashed, previously,while running it, or Rhino crashed on startup while loading it (seems unlikely) that would prompt Rhino to offer to block it. My guess of the moment is it was a guess by Rhino as to what caused a previous crash.


right-click on the plug-in name and toggle disable load protection.

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