Section view

Is there a way to have a section view… By this i mean a plane that hides whats on one side and leaves visible whats on the other? I tried the section command but it just projects n intersection of geometry on a surface. I am looking for a more dynamic way to show a 3d model without splitting the whole thing and deleting half. thanks as always!

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awesome! thanks for the fast reply… can a brep be a clipping object so if I want to slice a corner of something away it is possible?

No, at the moment it’s limited to just a plane. you can use several planes together, though.

Is there a way to limit the extent of the plane to just a surface> doesn’t seem so… hopefully in 6 an object can be a clipping brep. that would be great to be able to take a pie slice out of an object

Hi Ethank,

Use 2 (or more) clippingplanes to get pie type or depth clipped sections:


Is there a way to flip it where the slice is the section that is missing? Thanks. this forum is great! Im learning so much!

The Flip command will flip a clipping plane and swap the visible side- is that what you meant?


Not really, that will indeed flip it but you won’t be able to just have the one slice being cut away.