Section-view along curve grasshopper script


I am trying to develop a reliable grasshopper script to create section-view of a structure along a given curve with few other inputs.

So far i have achieved basic functionality but it has some limitations.

It works the way you pick objects you wish to be visible in section view, you pick a curve (either polyline or spline) from which section plane is created (in wZ direction). You set boundaries (offsets) frontwards or backwards off the section plane.
The scope of the geometry (edges) is then pulled on the section plane which is subsequenlty unrolled.

The final output are two groups of planar geometry. One standing for objects intersecting section plane, “section” part, other group representing pulled geometry onto the section plane representing “view” part of the section-view.

The problems:
-only curves are possible to be pulled againts a surface so the problem is how to obtain sillhuetes of non-edged geometry. Any ideas how to obtain sillhuetes of smooth objects which would be then correcly pulled againts the surface (for example circular column in the background)?
-I introduced parameters to extend the input curve just in case you need it to be longer, but the extension itself create problems with boolean union operations later in the script definiton, even when it seems like it should work ok.

Thank you for (31.2 KB) experiment_rez_po_krivke.3dm (111.8 KB)

Isn’t this already what the Make2D components do, except for maybe the section part?

it is but it works only when you have planar surface you are pulling to. It is harder to obtain sihuettes perpendicular to a single-curved surface for further pulling.

Oh, okay, you want to do bent sections with multiple planes?

Hm, I see, one way would probably be to convert the geometry to a mesh and use Mesh.GetOutlines() inside a scripting component (i.e. Python, C#).

Or you could get the silhouette of the objects, which is also only avalibable via scripting (I believe).

Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 13.47.47 (5.5 KB)

Thank you i will look into it :slight_smile:
i have suggested this feature as native in rhino 7. Make 2d along curve --> very helpful in civil engineering and infrastructure.
So far i have to make something similar myself