Need Assistant - How to create unfolded Cut Section


I am searching for a Grasshopper way to create “unfolding” Cut Sections.
Also with a projection to the XY-Plane to see it in the Top View.

If i only use a Surface on each segment of the cut section, i have later a Problem if i have Meshs which intersect with my section, so i think placing planes on each line could be helpfull.

Every kind of object need to be cutted, and also a ability to project a object from a far distance.

@Rhino Team:
Are u thinking about updating the _clippingplane that its can also use polylines, lines, arches and more ?

Revit cant do it, only Autocad Civil with “Axes”. But maybe there is a Grasshopper way.

Files: A simple script how i started, not finished. And a 3D Model with a Curve, this Curve is the Section line. (28.7 KB)
unfolding_Cut_01.3dm (933.4 KB)

Added another example file:
3D_02.3dm (894.4 KB)

Thanks for your time