Framing Round Structure

Hey there! I’m doing a framed structure with variable curves as sections.
I’m working on this code (Try 02) using loft, but when I build the surface it appears only in one section and not on all the others. Can you suggest me please a way to make the surfaces?
Try (20.2 KB)

In Try, most of your closed curves are not planar:

You’ve managed to pack several questions into a single post… What happened with what you had in another thread about this, it was working. Rhetorical question, never mind.

Sorry I’m new to the forum and I didn’t know if it was better to open an other post. I edited this and post the first question on the old one

HI @marcosartoretto,

I think your main issue, as pointed by @Joseph_Oster is that your curves aren’t planar, as a result of using division of your surface instead of actual plane intersections for your shape.

A quick work-around is to force the planarity of your sections by fitting a plane, then projecting them to it:

NOTE: your surfaces weren’t correctly merged into a closed solid as it seems you were intending. Check the updated part where your shapes forma closed brep instead of multiple open breps. I included an alternative using your smallest contour to generate the section planes - check that there is a seam adjustment to try to account for the tighter area of your curved shape, plus basic collision detection

Try (31.4 KB)

I see that you have edited your question (and code) to remove the Sweep 1 fail?

Still, the white group in this code fragment illustrates how Sweep 1 can fail using only one section curve, let alone five. The rectangle works fine until the ‘Size’ slider value is larger than ~300 or so. At some point, anomalies appear as the section following the rail causes the surface to intersect itself. Quite obvious when the size is ~760 but if you look closely, you can see the same problem when you switch from ‘Rectangle’ to ‘V-section’ (using only the first one of your five V sections). (16.0 KB)

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