Section Tools stUpdateAllSections Disappears Them In Layout Detail Views

When I have to update myriad sections, all the work I’ve put into isolating each section in, say, a stack of detail views in a layout, the visibility of the updated sections is simply invislble now. So I have to churn through my layers to issue all sorts of hide in detail commands to get rid of the other sections after showing everything in each detail. This takes about an hour since it’s so tedious.

Also, updating a section restores the edge curves that are hard coded to match the surface colors, so that essentially hides my required black surface edges set in Rhino preferences. Having those curves added every time I make a section is an evil default. Rhino already has a way to set surface edge behavior so this just overrides it with ill defined overlap that creates inconsistent and soft edges I can hardly see! It practically hides much of the section drawing from the eye seeing it has parts in it at all.

It also automatically starts naming sections from number zero, whereas no architect client wants section zero. It should start from number one to be useful in actual business.

Hi @vectorabc I’d like to understand your process to be able to see if this is a bug or if I can help with a fix. Do you have an example to share that I can update and see the problems? Thanks.

Here’s the entire file, company logo removed merely.
Section Tools Inconvenience.3dm (7.7 MB)
If I use stUpdateAllSections then there are no longer any cross sections present in the layout detail views even though the same layers exist with the same sections in them. I’m sure they obtain new GUIDs internally and but the detail view visibility flags don’t get transfered by the plugin.

Hi @vectorabc
When open your file I couldn’t use stUpdateAllSections. You might have used the older ST plugin (it had a bug reading sections in a saved document). Please update the the latest using the PackageManager.
I did this quick video to show the workflow and try to understand yours. It probably is different than the steps you follow, but this is how I would do it. Please feel free to elaborate with your workflow steps to see if it can be optimized to work better with SectionTools.