Section Tools for Architects

One essential tool for designing and representing a building design is the ability to cut live sections thru the model (Sketchup does this very well) - is there a tool in the works that will do this?

i guess you are talking about the plug in Skalp for Sketchup? i am not sure if you get such a plug in for Rhino at least i have not seen one yet, but with a little trick and not much effort you could quickly achieve something similar easy.

first create a clipping plane which functions as the visual part of this, then you create a surface matching the corners of the clipping plane, uncheck isocurves on it for a better visibility and use SetObjectDisplayMode setting it to wireframe. then group both together you now have a tool which actually does the same as your plugin and simply use the command Intersect on this grouped tool with any of your objects. it will not offer any fancy immediate hatches but if you want such a complete package and one can script a little python i am sure you can do that pretty fast or maybe even with a macro.

There’s VisualArq (, which is actually available just for PC Rhino as a plugin.

Even here (VisualARQ on Rhino Mac? When?) is no time mentioned when this could be migrated to OS X.

But I’d be also interested, as some others might, too.

Yes thank you - this is very helpful.

@Kevin_Baxter Maybe this can help as well,[]=section&s[]=labs? Again, it’s also only available for the Windows version.

Thanks - I’ve seen this before and would be a great tool for Architects - hopefully it will be MAC compatible soon…