Paneling tools and section tools

Are there any plans to bring paneling tools for commercial rhino for mac and section tools to rhino for mac?

PanelingTools is in the Mac Rhino WIP:

SectionTools has not made it to the Mac platform yet

Hi everyone - has there been any progress on bringing Section Tools to the Mac platform? This is really essential for architects…

@Kevin_Baxter we do not have immediate plans to port SectionTools to the Mac at this point.
I am curious though to hear how essential SectionTools is for your workflow (example will be great). That will help us prioritize which feature to work on, and also perhaps point you to an alternative workflow that is already supported in Rhino. Thanks.

Hi Rajaa - thank you for responding so quickly. Section Tools would be
an essential part of all architect’s workflow as it would allow us to
export accurate plans and sections to AutoCAD. There is a work around
using the Section command and Cutting Planes, but it is not as immediate
as Section Tools.

All architects are hoping that Rhino will continue to develop toward a
BIM type program to replace Revit, which is a cumbersome program.

Thank you.

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I didn’t see this coming:

Are architects really working in Rhino other than VisualArq ( )?

Yes they are. Grasshopper is one of the driving forces there, but not the only one. --Mitch