Section (tools) for MAC V8 - full integration

I suggest McNeel starts taking section (tools) seriously and does a complete integration of it in Rhino 8 (not a plugin but fully integrated).
We need good live section tools in Rhino to avoid the Make2d conundrum.

Please prioritise this.

Hej Morten -

I suppose this could mean a large number of things. Now checking on macOS, I see there is no SectionTools menu item and I’ve put that on the list of things to fix:
RH-73261 Section Tools: No menu on macOS

If that’s not what you mean, could you clarify what’s missing?

The ability to cut sections that update automatically , have hatches etc…
This feature should be improved and fully integrated in Rhino and not just a plug-in that is loosely maintained.

Hej Morten -

Sorry to be difficult… I’m still not completely sure what you mean.
SectionTools is currently in the Rhino 8 WIP as a standard Rhino tool. On macOS, there is no menu item (ref. my YT item) which currently makes this hard to use. You’d need to know the command names.

SectionTools does all of that.
If, apart from the missing menu item, there’s something that needs to be improved or more fully integrated, please be specific about those things.

I wasn’t aware of Section Tools being part of V8 WIP, not to mention having it available on macOS, great!

These are the available commands, that start with st, right?


A few things I tried and I cannot seem to do:

  1. Hiding the section itself and keeping the corresponding layout only (the section results are placed on the section’s layer, and the corresponding layout is nested below).
  2. Create a section, then a layout, dimension the layout, modify the sectioned geometry, update the section and have the dimensions change accordingly.

You make a good point there. I’ll move to a sublayer.
If you get the latest WIP, command names have changed and they are more integrated. Many commands were removed because you can now use Rhino command to select and transform sections. The commands will be integrated into the menus at some point. Here is the list of commands ordered alphabetically:

1- ClearClippingSections —used to be—> stClearSectionViews
2- Clipping2DLayouts —used to be—> stLayout
3- ClippingSection —used to be—> stCreate
4- EditClipping2DLayouts —used to be—> stEdit2DLayout
5- EditClippingSections —used to be—> stEditSections
6- ExportClipping2DLayouts —used to be—> stExportLayout
7- ExportClippingSectionsInfo —used to be—> stReport
8- ExtractClipping2DLayouts —used to be—> stNestLayout
9- ExtractClippingSections —used to be—> stExtractSections
10- SaveClippingSectionCPlanes —used to be—> stSaveToNamedCPlanes
12- SaveClippingSectionViews —used to be—> stSaveToNamedViews
13- UpdateClippingSections —used to be—> stUpdateSection
14- ViewClippingSections —used to be—> stViewSections

This is harder to integrate, and I don’t think it is coming anytime soon.