Section and Paneling tools on WIP

Are Section and Paneling tools available for the WIP ?

No plug-ins are being built and distributed publically until the Software Development Kit is “frozen”. With each WIP, the SDK changes which breaks all the existing plug-ins built using the previous SDK.

Will these plugins be included in the v6?

Hi @enzo_molinari
Yes, both will be available to use with V6.

Thank you @rajaa.

@rajaa, Do I have to install Section and Panelign tool or are they incuded on the new v6?

You still have to install them for Rhino 6. Here is the installer and updated documentation. Let me know if there is anything missing.

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Thank you!

Hi Rajaa,

Am I correct to state there is no way to use paneling tools in Python scripts?
I did find some info on a rhinoscript API but not on python. Or might there be a way to call PT functionality in python? I’m willing to go through hoops yet I have no clue where to start.


This works in Rhino 6, (I didn’t check Rhino 5).
I plugged the following(taken from link below), into a GH python component and it worked fine.

# sample script to show how to import PanelingTools and use with Python
import math
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

#Add these 3 lines to import PanelingTools library
import clr
import PanelingTools as pt

pts = []
#divide input curve and assign result to output # Get the curve objects
if rs.IsCurve(x):
  arrPoints = pt.Utility.DivideCurveByChordLength(rs.coercecurve(x), 1, True,)
  for pt in arrPoints:

Hi Chanley,

Great that will get me going.