Continuing the discussion from Request how can i download the panelling tools for rhino 6:

You can get from here:

PanelingTools is available for both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 (and Grasshopper for both). Make sure you download the relevant version.

I download food4rhino website only but I could not able to install.

There is a section in the following wiki page about what to do when you have installation error, and what information to share so we can help. please follow the steps and let us know how it goes.

canyou please help me

Could you please follow the instructions and share (all) the items required.
Also, make sure you have downloaded the right version of PanelingTools (for Rhino 5 or Rhino 6). Please note there is NO PanelingTools for Rhino 7 yet.

Download and run RhiFix.exe If the fix does not work, please send the following to

  • A screenshot of the error

  • Repair Utility log (all the text below RECOMMENDED ACTION)

  • The RHI installer log. Here is where you find it in V5, V6 or V7:

    • Rhino 5: %appdata%\mcneel\rhinoceros\5.0\logs

    • Rhino 6: %appdata%\mcneel\rhinoceros\6.0\logs

    • Rhino 7: %appdata%\mcneel\rhinoceros\7.0\logs

it shows me these like i couldn’t able to install.

What version of Rhino are you using?



Run Rhino’s SystemInfo command and post your results here.

– Dale

Rhino 6

Try to update to the latest Rhino 6 service release, then reinstall PanelingTools

@achaiahjanala If you right click on the install file has window’s blocked the file? It’s now common practice for windows to block downloaded files from being used.

I did n’t understand where I can see the lands_design_x64 ?

lands_design_x64 was just an example of a file that was downloaded from the internet. When you download PanelingTools, right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and pick Properties. In the dialog that appears, you can check the box for Unblock.