_SeBox feature improvement

Hi there,

I would like to suggest to improve _SelBoundary command to make it available for groups. Cross sleection works with ungrouped object.

Hello - as far as I can see, SelBoundary, where the curve crosses or encloses one member of a group, selects the group. Is that what you mean?


Yes, pascal.

And the same for SelBox?

Hello - here it looks like SelBox does not do this currently, with groups, and SelBoundary does - so this is a SelBox improvement I guess and not a SelBoundary oneā€¦



SelBoundary gives interesting results but it is how it works where more object is located in front of the view point. I believe we need something similar that limited to the closed curve plane only and the objects on the plane of the closed curve would be selected only.

RH-54262 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate